Twib helps sales teams and managers become more effective with technology.  Salespeople should be spending most of their time doing what they do best – Selling. Any time wasted in other activities leads to dilution in sales and ineffectiveness. Twib automates business tasks such as GPS Tracking, Visit Check-In with Images, Push Notification, Remote Attendance, Work Delegation, Travel Report, Admin Panel for Aggregated Reports.

Twib uses desktop & mobile/tablet based devices to capture a variety of field data regarding Sales or Services by field staff. The consolidated data generated over multiple locations can be accessed at a single place on a real-time basis over the Internet. Companies in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Food & Beverage, Readymade Garments, Industrial Goods, Pharmaceuticals, Consumer durables etc have considerable sales resources on the field and hence require to use software to manage their sales force & inventories.