Live Tracking

Keeping a track of the representatives along with the kilometres travelled has now been simplified with proficiency. Employees will have to enable the location in the app. When they do that, their journey will be recorded in the application. This gps sales tracking, app, Twib, will facilitate the company to get the total kilometres travelled by individual employee. Together with the routes and the starting and end points. The internet connectivity and the device location should have been enabled for this case. This GPS enabled app to keep track of sales will not only show all the routes travelled by the employees but also their phone status, location image and starting and end points of gps.

Sales Reporting

Sales Reporting feature actually is the proof of the visit employees make. These visits may be anything like visiting clients, taking order or attending meetings. With Twib,employee check in app, one can report their Visits or “Check-Ins” directly from that location with date, time, address, picture and other details as needed. Companies will get the live updates of the visits/check-ins in this report. All the check-ins will be shown on a map. Even the status of the employees phone while this activity can also be tracked by admin/company.

Attendance Tracking

Keeping a track of the field employees’ attendance had been a great issue. Online sales app Twib have the online attendance system in our app that keeps a track on the attendance of the employees with location. Twib captures the location from where the employee starts or end his attendance.

Multilevel Reporting

Twib, employee activity monitoring software, provides option for the admin to create multiple users, and also can assign them as branch manager and assign employees directly under them for direct reporting and access to their reports.

Multiple Branch handling

Organizations might have multiple branches in different locations. Multiple Branch management is also possible with Twib. Employees of all the branches need to be added at first. Next branches can be added from Manage Branch in Menu. Branch Managers needs to be added as they will be checking reports for the respective employee. Twib has thus proven to be one of the best apps for sales call tracking.

Instant alerts for activities

With Twib, real time employee monitoring system, all the important activity notifications can be delivered to your phone via push notification so that you are aware of your business transactions without being always checking reports. Be notified as and when it happens whether it’s sales visit, attendence or anything else.

Customizable Forms

Twib has in-built features to help you build different types of customized forms catered to your business requirements.

Integrated with Maps

Twib is integrated with google map for easy route navigation, direction help or simply just see the movement of the teams and their current location on google map.

Integration with existing systems

Twib has an excellent development team. They make it possible to integrate twib with your existing system and get the data directly on your other or pre-installed systems, such as check-in data, order data, client data.

Offline Capability

Internet connectivity has been a great issue for the field team. Visit in the remote areas where there is hardly any connectivity, has been made easier to report through Twib, the outside sales app. The checkin feature store the visits which are made even offline. Once the user is online the visits are synced with cloud servers for reporting.

Customer Manage

Client Management is an extra benefit of Twib. Companies can add Client with their details in the system. For future use, they can add the client details through “Assign Work”. Entire details of the client along with direction to the client address will be available to the employees for client visits.

Expense Manager

Twib is an app to keep track of business expenses. Both Admins and Employees can keep records of their expenses during working hours to the organization. They can attach the details of the expense. These expenses later can be approved/rejected by higher management. Any type of approval or rejection of expense will be notified to the user.

Lead Manage

Never Lose Another Lead, as all the action takes place within the app,Twib’s lead management system eliminates the need to use multiple tools to collect and track leads, and gain access to lead-specific information, or risk losing leads between tools.

(Coming Soon…)

Analytics Reports

When it comes to a successful business, assessing the employees plays a very important role. Performance check is the key point to all assessment. Twib, the field sales tool, provides a detailed Analytics Report of each employee using the App. This Analytics report gets generated from the employee’s reporting data gathered. This lessens a huge amount of work of the evaluating team and helps to avoid discrepancy.

Remotely Task assign

One of the most attractive features of this sales intelligence App is remote work assignment. Twib, the efficient Sales tool for Field Force Tracking, provides a hassle-free experience for project managers as they can directly assign work remotely to their sales representatives. Using this mobile sales CRM, it is easier to get the work list according to priorities assigned by the company and every work list with the details will appear in the app dashboard and employees will get all the necessary details of the assigned work by clicking on it. Managers can assign work remotely to respective employees with deadlines and priorities by “Manage Work” option in the menu. Once the work is done the status of the work automatically gets updated.