Revolutionize Your Sales Strategy with Sales Beat Plan & Permanent Journey Plan

Looking to streamline your sales process? Look no further than our cutting-edge sales monitoring app Twib, equipped with an array of powerful features designed to revolutionize your sales operations. One of the standout features is our Shift Roster module, allowing you to effortlessly create and manage sales tour plans, sales route plans, beat plan, client visit plans, PJP, and sales plans for the coming months.

With our PJP and beat plan feature, you can bid farewell to the hassle of selecting starting and ending areas separately. Our smart system enables you to create predefined routes, complete with stops along the way. Specify the distance for each leg of the journey, empowering you to generate accurate expense reports based on your meticulously planned tours. Our comprehensive solution takes care of all the nitty-gritty details, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: optimizing your sales process via a permanent journey plan.

Once you’ve created your sales tour plan, it’s ready for submission and approval by the admin. This streamlined process ensures that every detail is accounted for, giving you peace of mind as you embark on your sales journey. With a quick glance at your approved plan, you’ll have all the pertinent information at your fingertips, ensuring that every client on your route is visited as planned.

Discover the ultimate sales force automation (SFA) software, specifically tailored for the pharmaceutical industry. Our state-of-the-art solution has been developed with the unique needs of pharma sales teams in mind. From seamless pharma detailing to comprehensive medical representative reporting, our SFA software empowers you to take your sales performance to unprecedented heights.

Experience the best SFA software for pharma professionals, complete with the revolutionary Shift Roster module, Beat Plan & PJP. Unlock the full potential of your sales force and elevate your efficiency to new levels. Say goodbye to manual planning and embrace the power of intelligent sales tour plans, sales route plans, client visit plans, and sales plans. Optimize your sales process, stay organized, and effortlessly generate precise expense reports – all at your fingertips.

Take charge of your sales operations with our cutting-edge SFA software. Join countless satisfied clients who have witnessed remarkable improvements in their sales performance.

Sales Tour Plan

Manage Areas

The admin has to add the areas (the locations where the users visit) into the system of the sales tracking app, Twib. This is a one time setup process. Once the areas are in the system, the users/admin will be able create a Tour plan.

Tour Plan Templates

You can create predefined route plans with specific areas as template, so that you can assign these sales tour plans to your sales team with ease for more efficient client visit.

Tour Plan Approval

Whenever a user submits a tour plan, the admin has to approve it. And this plan will reflect in the schedule (planner) of that particular user only after the plan gets approved in this salesman tracking app.

See Available Clients In The Route

Once the tour plan is approved by the admin, it will reflect in the Schedule of the user panelof this employee location tracking app, which will help users to know the route he is supposed to visit for the day and the clients available on that route.

Calculate Expense Directly

There is an option to auto generate expenses based on the approved tour plan. This will help companies track expenses conveniently.

Fully Paperless Process

The enhanced tour plan feature of the sales management app has made the whole process fully paperless and convenient for both the users and management.

Automate your tour plan process

With features like shift roster, beat plan, Permanent Journey Plan, twib’s tour plan module you can fully automate your tour plan, visit schedule, approve or reject them, and calculate expenses automatically from the actual km travelled.

Option to create predefined route plan

The admin can create predefined sales routes with starting/ending locations, stops in between the route as well as the distance of that route in KM. This predefined route can be selected by the users while submitting the Beat plan for approval of the admin. Permanent Journey Plan is a very convenient tool for both the admin and the users of Twib.

View existing clients on route

The schedule option will help users to check the details of existing clients available on the specific route as per approved tour plan of client visit. The schedule will also show the location of the existing clients which can help the user to plan the sequence of visits accordingly while preparing beat plan. Moreover the users of field force crm Twib can add checkin directly from that client visit.

Admin can approve or reject the tour plan

Once a sales tour plan is submitted by a user, the admin has the option to approve or reject it. If the beat plan is approved by the admin of this Sales PJP, it will automatically reflect in the Schedule of the user panel which will help user to have a view of his upcoming client visit. If the beat plan is rejected by the admin, the user will get the option to resubmit the tour plan after making necessary changes for approvals.

Admin can also create the beat plan for users

The admin can also create a sales beat plan for any user if this has not been submitted by the user yet. Even if the tour plan is submitted by the user, the admin can edit and approves. With the help of the best sfa software Twib, the sales team can plan their client visit via Permanent Journey Plan (PJP).

Automatic expense calculation based on Beat plan

This feature enables companies to have the expenses of their employees being auto calculated as per the scheduled beat plan in this sales employee tracking app, Twib.

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