Writing the Perfect Job Posting for a Sales Rep

If you want your business to stay ahead of the competition, there are a few things that you have to invest in. For example, in our post titled ‘Tips to Remain Competitive and Efficient in Business’, we mentioned how important it was to know your customers, discover partnership opportunities, and take care of your sales team. However, you should also look to hire amazing sales reps.

Of course, if you want to hire the best, then you need to attract their attention to the company. Most potential candidates will first discover you by the job postings that you put up. Therefore, it’s important to write one that’ll make a great impression.

Here’s how you can do that.

Keep it brief and clear

You’re not the only company that’s looking for a talented rep. If you want to catch and keep their attention, it’s best to keep your descriptions clear and concise. In fact, Business.com outlines that it should only include the following:

• Job title
• Job purpose
• Responsibilities
• Skills needed
• Qualifications

You can also disclose the position’s salary, but it’s not required. Furthermore, avoid writing prepositional phrases (like “on time”), business jargon, and other unnecessary details. Break the description into bullets too, whenever it’s applicable. It makes your listing easy to read.

Include the benefits

Discussion of the benefits included in a job is usually saved for the interview, but top sales talent might be more inclined to apply for a company if they’re aware of the perks (and like them). Indeed, Petal Card lists some of the things employees look for in a job offer, including healthcare benefits, stock options, and, more recently, work from home privileges. While the pandemic does play a big part for the latter, remote working is also great for saving costs, too. If you offer other perks like monthly allowances and flexible schedules, make sure to include those as well. The job’s salary, while important, is not the only deciding factor for candidates.

Pitch your company

Potential sales candidates aren’t just interested in the job itself. They’re also curious about the kind of company they’re going to work for. As such, include a brief description of your company profile at the end. It should discuss what customers you serve, the products that you offer, and, most importantly, your core values. According to the CEO of Elite Leadership Consulting Anthony Chaine, the best salespeople want to know if your company is one that “encourages performance, transparency, and accountability.” Plus, they’re always eager to be a part of a creative and supportive environment. These are the things you have to emphasize when you write your profile.

The perfect job description is different for every company. It depends on what you have to offer, what kind of talent you’re looking for, and the kind of culture your company operates in. But as long as you convey all of that clearly and concisely, the right sales reps will come knocking on your doors.

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