New Sales App for land sales

Managing Sales activity is becoming a busy and sometimes tedious job both for the Sales team also because of the employer with the growing business. The case is the same for land business also.

To fight things we present you the Best Property Sales App for Android named Twib. It’s an internet-based (https://twib.online) admin panel which is capable enough to manage the day to day activities of your team by GPS facility. It captures and hence stores the important data from the situation itself. This also relieves the field employees from doing manual entries. It helps the corporate organizations to arrange the sales visit and reporting part much more efficiently with images.

It’s an entire solution that supports various businesses like publishers, FMCG, footwear manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, real estate, garments manufacturing units, and lots of more.

All that employees and therefore the employer got to have is an Android phone and Twib installed in it.

Coming to land it’s several beneficial features:


1. Location Recording:

For the important estate business, the main issue is the varied location of various properties. A corporation may have several properties located over a good range of areas. But the App Twib knows where your sales activity happened with the location image. It also records the time of the activity. Now, with this feature, the corporation can easily sketch its potential business locations. This feature is equally beneficial to the salesperson also as they don’t need to spend overtime in entering these essential details. Rather, they will spend longer in sales activity. This feature also acts as a Property Sales Tracker for the corporate because it keeps the Property Sales Track on day today.

2. Offline Capabilities:

It often happens just in the case of the property business that the location of the property is in some remote area where you will not find any internet facility. Most of the Mobile Application fails to serve the aim here. But with Twib you don’t need to worry about it. In the absence of the internet, all the small prints are going to be stored within the device, and once the internet is out there the App will Sync the small print within the cloud for reporting. So it helps to grow your business even in a low network area with the assistance of knowledge sync in the cloud.

3. Attendance Marker for the Employees:

This App comes with the feature of tracking and reporting of sales employees. It provides both Online and Offline check-ins for Property Sales Employees. Through TWIB sales employees can mark attendance, upload expenses, receive orders from clients, and directly submit it through TWIB anywhere anytime. So, in brief, they don’t need to come to the office for marking attendance or their entry and exit from the field of work every day.

4. Remote Work Assign:

One of the foremost attraction of this App is remote work assignment. Twib, the efficient Property Sales tool, provides a hassle-free experience for project managers as they will directly assign work to their sales representatives. This not only saves the effort of moving but also saves time.

5. Cloud-based Approach:

Real Estate Companies got to save a huge amount of knowledge for the buying and selling of properties like papers for permissions, lease agreements, legal authorization, property plans, etc. With Twib a company’s data is sync to our servers within the cloud. you’ve got the choice of accessing the info from anywhere anytime you would like. No data are going to be lost. The latest security measures are wont to secure your data. this manner’s of great use to the purchasers, the salesperson also because the company.

6. Check-In with images:

Employees can enter their visit to a site with the assistance of Check-In images. This helps the worker to point out his/her on-spot visits and meeting with the clients. This also helps to create a trustworthy relationship between the clients and therefore the owners as they’re ready to get a true-time view of the official activities.

7. Expense View:

With the assistance of twib, you’ll manage your employees’ expenses on a daily and monthly basis. this is often because you’re having an all-time record of activities of your employees.

8. Detail Reporting:

This feature eases both the employer and therefore the employee. Employees can fill in their detailed report by simple button press without involving overtime. On the opposite hand, the employer can find all the detailed reports on their fingertips which are accessible from anywhere anytime.

9. Push Notification:

Now you’ll notify your employees with any piece of important information anytime. Hence No important information is going to be omitted.

10. Quick Friendly support:

The Support team of Twib will assist you 24×7.

So, with Twib you’ll achieve “Your Sales Process, Simplified”. Since land Business is involved any kind of risks, Twib proves itself to be one of the foremost useful App for the aim. Through Twib you’ll keep a true time track of the workers if in any case, any employee faces any adverse or emergency situation, concerned people can reach him/her as a rescue.

Hence, Twib is a complete solution for the sales operation in land Business and one of the simplest property apps for sales professionals.

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