Say No to Paper works and Cold Calling

June 14 , 2018

For years, mobile phone was a good options for the employers to call their field force employees to know what they did and where they were during the day.Employee management in the field has always been a tough challenge, especially for businesses where marketing and sales team is always on the move.This was a good working model but had its own limitations like someone has to call the sales employees to take the information or employee needs to call-back to concerned manager in the office to give their report, it is a time-consuming process and has the possibilities of errors as well. Also there was no system to track the exact movement of the employees during working hours. Thankfully now, the employee tracking apps are available which helps to track and log the day activities of field employees on the go and all in real-time.

Our sales tracking app- TWIB is a GPS location-based app that runs on platforms supporting android and is monitored by an admin from a browser-based web application. This web application can be accessed from anywhere. App has features like location tracking and activity data tracking, the web-based panel for admin will show you where your employees are, where they had been and what all they have done such as which client they have visited, whom they met at client’s office, any sample product given, orders booked, feedback taken, payment collected and much more.The aim is to make businesses more efficient through smarter technology, which ensures authentic data collection and better customer service. And of-courses, it helps businesses keep tabs on employee productivity using sales tracking app.

Managing employees in the field has always been a challenge, especially for small businesses. Mobile devices provide employers with ever-expanding options for tracking and inspecting on the status of employees.Clients can integrate complex location data with their existing technology and must master the art of finessing employee mobile privacy.

When you come to ” employee management ” you’ll have to decide on how tight the electronic leash should be.


We follow a line which goes like :

“Sales process simplified”

Twib has got the features like:-

  • Complete visibility on the movement of employees with real time location,time,date
  • Receives attendance like biometric
  • this app can be very helpful for running business efficiently by tracking your staff on the field timely and accurately
  • Able to take real time photo to confirm their attendance,special feature is photos cannot be browsed from albums
  • Simple to check in and check out
  • Can check in histories
  • Reports can be created
  • Reports can be downloaded
  • GPS technology to provide the accurate information
  • Admin can Send new assignments as push notification
  • Dynamic task allocation


Twib has features which make it better Individual login for each salesman,Attendance in and out with GPS location tracking along with map.

While good sales employees will welcome the app which will help them to improve their performance, help them to go paperless and no separate reporting has to be done for the day despite of the fact that their location will also be tracked and stored on the database, staff with poor performance will surely not like it. Plan this before you take out the app for implementation, give them time to get used to with the change but be particular about the time frame.

Despite of the employees not liking the app,they will get a lots of benefits rather than those old methods.They are as follows:-

  • Simple to check in and check out at different locations
  • Works even offline
  • Take and share photos during field work
  • Access and update locations specific information
  • Can see visit history
  • Can see attendance history
  • Can receive notification from the admin
  • Can see the given work/assignments on the calendar
  • Can generate report sheets
  • Admin can distribute tasks among multiple employees
  • Can receive the attendance as well as check in reports even if the employee is offline

Deploying a location-based service of this power is likely to require a main effort. But roll it out right with some major trust-building with the team and TWIB can provide a profitable solution to a host of different business problems, all in one mobile application.

To learn more about employee tracking app or sales tracking app you can visit

Twib’s official website www.twib.online.